B&B Fabric Detergent Refill - 1500Ml

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B&B also known as Baby & Basic is the most widely used brand among Korean moms for infant-related household products. B&B baby care products are free of harmful substances and made of natural ingredients only. Every product has an ‘AIEGE’ logo attached to it that promises to eliminate 30 potential harmful substances as proclaimed by European Bureau of Consumer Unions (BEUC) and USA’s environmental organisation EWC (Environmental Working Group).

Features and Benefits


  • Made of 7 natural extracts (fermented bean, willow tree, portulaca, cinnamon, oregano, cypress tree, root of skullcap) which has antibacterial effects and protects the skin.
  • Contains Murumurufruit grown in the Amazon that has a natural cleaning effect.
  • No harmful chemicals(preservative, SLS, SLES, fluorescence brightening agent, phosphate, synthetase)
  • Over 97% biodegradability that is Eco-friendly and safe for the skin
  • No skin irritation.

    What's in the box

    x1 unit of product

    Care instructions:


  • Machine Wash:
  • 1. Apply a little B&B stain remover onto tougher stain before putting into washing machine.
  • 2. Pour B&B Fabric Detergent into cap following dosage instruction. For best results, soak for 30minutes before starting washing machine.
  • Hand Wash:
  • 1. Mix warm water with recommended dosage. Gently rub and rinse thoroughly with water.
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