BONABELLA TEATREE PURIFYING MASK is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Teatree Purifying Mask is made with green recipe for your tired skin. This smart mask can do 4 jobs! Deep-cleansing + Calming + Moisturizing + Nourishment! Clinically tested for skin irritation and fine dust removal (96% removal!).

If you are looking for a gentle solution for deep cleansing and calming at the same time, this is the product you want!

It has 100,000ppm Teatree extract for skin calming and pore care! It also has 20,000ppm Puretox for brightening. In Korea, fine dust is such a big news with its harmful side effect on general health including skin! So Korean ladies were obsessed with this good deep cleansing mask which is gentle enough to use often! Try this product out for yourself!

Even after your first trial, you will be able to see an instant complexion change! 

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