If you need a mild formula sunblock which is strong against water and sweat, this sunblock will be the best choice for your swimming, yoga, and gym activities! Not only is it perfect for your no makeup day, it works great under makeup unlike other non-tinted sunblocks in the market! Try it for yourself! No white cast and no darkening, perfect to share with your hubby/boyfriend! Bonabella became popular with this sunblock hit in Korea. Your beloved Teatree Purifying Mask was its 2nd hit item after this!

Sun protection is one of the most important steps in your daily skin care routine. Some people would be surprised to know that sunscreen is actually one of the best anti-aging products out there! From research, 90% of skin aging is caused by the sun. You can pack on as much toner, ampoules or moisturisers there is in the world but if your skin is not well protected from harmful UV rays, all that effort would go to waste.

A lot of Koreans are well aware of this fact which is why they ensure their skin are protected from the sun as much as possible. As mentioned in our 10 Step Korean Skincare campaign, Koreans prioritise their skincare and having clear skin more than piling on cosmetic products. In Korea, it is very normal to spot a Korean slathering on sunscreen, wearing long sleeves or visor caps when they’re outdoors in the sun. This is also one of the secrets to their smooth and youthful complexion.

Take a look at how this truck driver's face is drastically changed from the harmful UV rays of the sun

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